Pink Bunnies Cleaning Service

Cleaning with a Twist

Welcome to Pink Bunnies Cleaning Service. Our main office is located in Columbia, SC, but we have maids who clean in Charleston, Greenville, and Augusta, GA. We provide sexy maids for your home or office. The services include our maids cleaning, and performing light housekeeping tasks. Our sexy maids will arrive at your home or office wearing regular clothing, but can change on the premises in a bikini, lingerie, a sexy maid's uniform or you can pick from our list.

Our Pink Bunnies Maid Service will provide you with an exotic maid service that will seem too good to be true. Why dream about having a Sexy Maid when you can contact us.

Are you living alone and simply hate cleaning, or housekeeping chores? If you can answer yes to this question, the Pink Bunnies Maids is the service for you. You live a busy lifestyle, trying to budget your precious and limited time, with work and a social life. Why spend the remaining time you have left cleaning, and performing those much hated housekeeping chores. Wouldn't be better to have a sexy maid taking care of all the jobs you wish you never had to do again? What would be wrong with a little extra excitement in your life?
Why not treat yourself, a spouse, a business consultant, or a friend to an experience of a lifetime, having one of our maids taking care of your cleaning, and housekeeping needs.

All Client's and our Maid's identity and personal information are strictly confidential.

Our Clients know the Sexy Maid service is NOT an offer for prostitution or anything illegal.

Physical contact between the Client and Maid are strictly forbidden and will void the contract between the Client and Pink Bunnies Cleaning immediately.

As for the appointment time, the Client shows a picture ID to verify identity when the maid arrives on location.

The Client will show the maid where she can change clothes or get into costume.

After changing, the maid or accompanying staff will go with the Client for a quick "walk through" of the areas of Client interest, to be cleaned in the allotted time purchased by the Client.

The maid then follows through with the Clients request for the cooking/cleaning duties.

Our service includes cooking, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, bed making, laundry, polishing, picking up, and other light tasks.

I really enjoyed Ashley and she works really hard and does good work cleaning, and is very smart too.  - Jay

The ladies that cleaned were very thorough, friendly, and had my house cleaned in time for visiting family. Would recommend them. -David

I really enjoyed it. Ashley was very professional and had great personality. Some of the best house cleaning I had in a long time. She never complained about the mess or disrespected me. Great service. I will use again in the future! -Tau

Why us?

Pink Bunnies Cleaning Service is a cleaning company that puts some entertainment in cleaning. It may be hard to believe that this could be true but it is, we are a real company! When you need your home or office cleaned call us, sit back and enjoy the view and have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to do the cleaning. Our maids will clean your home or office in a bikini, lingerie or topless. Why pay a regular Maid, when you can have one of our ladies for a few dollars more?

 The choice is yours.